‘I Love My Tribe’ is a social initiative by AIM – Art Illuminates Mankind to help the tribal and folk artisans of India grow in a special way. The main objective of this initiative is firstly, to raise funds through donations and selling of DESHAJ products in order to facilitate health treatments, medicinal aid, education, hygiene measures and rehabilitation programs. Secondly, through these initiatives the artisans and their families will be provided with the right necessities for a positive environment that motivates them to nurture their artistic potential and explore their crafting skills. We truly believe that to sustain the extraordinary art, craft and culture, it is essential to deeply understand the artisans and their need.
Our current mission for ‘I Love My Tribe’ initiative are:
  • To regulate a general clinic for frequent health check-ups
  • To develop a specialized eye treatment centre, where the artisans can visit for frequent check-ups, medicinal aids and consultation for free. The right vision is the most important part for an artisan, as a lot of stress is encountered while working on the detailing of various art & craft.
  •  To implement a specially designed activity for tribal women artisans, where they will be guided and educated in a special manner to overcome the various hazards and challenges in life.  
"Donation to AIM  by the Indian National is subject to Tax Exemption under section 80G Of I.T.Act"
1. International Donor
AIM is having FCRA registration to receive international fund as per Registration no-147120903 dated 01/07/2011. International Donor may send their donation to the address of the office by cheque/pay order/Demand draft favoring , "AIM" payable in Kolkata, India.
2. National Donor
AIM is registered under section 80G of I.T.Act vide Registration No-DIT(E)/376/8(E)/241/09-10 dated 15/01/2010. National Donor may send their donation through cheque/Pay order/DD favoring, "AIM" payable in Kolkata. We will issue receipt within 15 days from the date of credit of donation in our bank account.

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