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Sabihar Banu
Kantha Embroidery Artisan,
West Bengal President’s Award Winner (India)

‘Working with AIM has been a wonderful experience. It has given me immense opportunity to display my work at various exhibitions and Festivals. The love and respect that I have received is beyond any materialistic value for an artisan like me.’
Durga Devi
Appliqué & Patch Work Artisan, Bihar
State Awardee

‘ I am really happy to be a part of the AIM family. They have inspired me and supported my craft in every possible way. Also I have been able to create a market place and got to understand the various ways to sell my product.’
Mallika Knora
Batik Artisan, Birbhum, West Bengal

‘I was trained by AIM through training programs and now I am able to work as a trainer and train other tribal women in the villages. This has helped me to gain confidence, self respect as a woman. Now, I feel proud to support my family through my own earnings.’
Neemchand Maddi
Bamboo Craft Artisan, Birbhum, West Bengal

‘I have always loved the craft of making bamboo items, since childhood but never realized the potential and possibilities of my skill. It all happened due to the support from AIM. All the members of my family have now joined with me and the financial condition has become good.’
Sukal Maddi
‘Chadar Bador’ Puppetry Artist, West Bengal

‘This beautiful form of storytelling, known as ‘Chadar Bador’ puppetry in our tribal community, was almost getting lost until I was founded by AIM. I feel strong for realizing the fact that AIM has started working in restoring this rare form of art & culture.’
Dinesh Singh
Rajputana & Mughal Painting, Madhya Pradesh
State Award Winner

‘This ancient and rich form of art again saw the glory of daylight when I started working with AIM. They have helped me develop my skills through various experimentation and development processes, which has created more value and esteem customers for me.
Ananta Malakar
Sholapith Sculpture Artist, West Bengal
Shilp Guru Award Winner ( India )

‘The sholapith sculpture for me is an artistic process that gives me a spiritual high and swings me into divine ecstasy. Such madness in an artist can only be understood by AIM. I feel great to work with such an organization with so many good people ’
Haider Ali
Truck Artist, Pakistan
Internationally Recognized Artist

‘AIM has created peace and harmony through the Exchange of Art & Culture Programme between India & Pakistan. It has been a wonderful experience to come to India and work with AIM.’
Maki Kajumi
Baul or Bengal Mystic Folk Singer, Japan

‘AIM understand the deep significance of the Baul culture of Bengal. It has given me a lot of joy in working with AIM so closely. Through various cultural events and publications, AIM has supportively initiated our Baul movements
Saori Kanda
Performing Artist & Painter, Japan

‘The warmth and love of the Kolkata crowd at the Karigar Haat; an initiative by AIM, shall always remain an unforgettable moment in my life.I thank AIM for organizing such a beautiful art & cultural event.
International Handicraft Buyer, German

‘India has always fascinated me with various tales & stories of art, craft and culture. My fascination got bigger and more visionary only when I came in touch with AIM. They have induced in me the enigmatic flavor of Indian art and craft, which will always keep lingering in my senses.’
Bali Bai
Embroidery Artisan, Rajasthan

‘AIM has given me the exposure to showcase my talent and provided me the platform to sell my products directly to the customers without the intervention of any middlemen.’
Theatre Activist (Comedia del Arte), Italy

‘Working with AIM has been a wonderful experience. It has given me immense opportunity to perform at Karigar Haat. The love and respect that I have received is beyond any materialistic value for an artisan like me.’
Swami Avadut
Spiritual Guru & Art Connoisseur, Russia

‘Art is a medium of self expression and connectivity towards the absolute. It is indeed satisfying to see AIM work unconditionally towards the betterment of the less fortunate people of the society through art. This shall certainly create an eternal joy which is divinely related with  karma. ’

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