Training Programmes
We develop different training programs for self help groups, artisan communities, NGOs, schools and institutions. These training programmes help in the development of individual skills such as creative ability, leadership quality, and a sense of social responsibility amongst the trainees.
Craft Tour
The city dweller, stressed and bruised by his mundane daily life, can relax and feel a serene calmness in this quiet and peaceful place very close to nature. This specially designed and organized tour programme also provides an opportunity to explore the various crafts and culture of Bengal whereby one can directly interact and learn from the artisans and various rural communities.
Product Design
The design and development of indigenous hand crafted products ranging from textile, ceramic, furniture, lifestyle & accessories and various other objects of daily use made from eco-friendly and organic materials. The sustainability, innovation, utility and quality of a product is the main objective in our design process.
Architectural & Space Design
This is a specialized area where we experiment with various permutations and combinations of form and space. Our design team works to create innovative architectural and space designs which are made from natural and organic resources.
Interior Design
With an endless collection of Indian handicrafts and years of experience, we provide a unique style and invoke an enchanting feeling in interior home d├ęcor. From wide imagination to minute detailing of the perfect lighting conditions, colours, balance of space, textures and perspectives; our aim is to provide the best form of visual satisfaction and delight that will convert a house into a home.
Some of the best researchers and scholars on the subject of Indian folk craftsmanship study the various traditional craft practices and their artisans. Our area of research includes Indian handicrafts & handloom, and rural artisan communities of Bengal.
Film Making
The diverse range of arts, crafts and cultures of India is a subject of artistic fascination and exploration. We celebrate these rich tastes of India by making non-commercial short films, documentary films, documentary photography and other audio-visual presentations.

Handmade Products
Exclusive Collection of Handmade Batik
A range of textile products with traditional batik style.

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